The state of Connecticut is by far one of the most attractive states to tourists and researchers who are in love with history. This is owed to the fact that the state is rich in history and natural splendour.

A good number of visitors from all over the world flock to the state to have a feel of its natural splendour and learn about its rich history.

Further, inhabitants of the state frequently visit the historical sites that the state features.There is just so much to do in the state. In case you love going to beaches, the state of Connecticut can do it for you. It features some of the most tantalising beaches in the US. You can visit one of the beaches for an unforgettable moment of relaxation following your visit to one of the historic sites that the state features. If you are excited about exploring the past of the state of Connecticut but you are wondering what lies out there for you, the following information is for you.


A Everett Austin Jr House

The building is mainly held in high esteem for its distinct architectural design. It was designated the status of national historic landmark in 1994, on the 19th of April and remains one of the Hartford national historic landmarks.

A. Everett Austin House
An old state house in connecticut

The Old State House In Connecticut

Today it is actually one of the most notable tourist sites in the state. It boasts of a wide range of important units including the museum and the Farmers’ house event which is hosted by the building on annual basis. The building receives visitors from all parts of the world on an annual basis.

The Richard Alsop IV House

This building is situated in Middlesex and is currently owned by Wesleyan University. It is designed in a unique manner and was erected towards the end of the 1830s.

The Richard Alsop IV House
The Henry Bernard House

Henry Bernard House

On the 21st of December in 1965, the building earned itself the status of National Historic landmark and remains one of the oldest buildings in Hartford to have been granted such a status.

Tower On Fox Hill

The town of Vernon was at the centre of some of the fiercest battles involving many veterans from the town and neighbouring areas. The Tower on Fox Hill was erected between 1937 and 1939 even though the actual date when it was built still remains a matter of intense debate. This was to commemorate the fallen heroes of the Vernon Town Veteran crew that fought for the town before 1937.

Tower On Fox Hill
Bush Holley House

Bush Holley House

It earned itself the status of being America’s historic landmark on the 5th of October in 1992. The building is still very important today and attracts many tourists.

Ancient Burying Ground

This is arguably one of Hartford’s oldest historical monuments. Generally, the monument is considered as the final resting place of a lion share of America’s earliest settlers. It features gravestones which were marked during the mid-1600s and several others which followed after this. The grave site is also one of the oldest historical sites that the state of Connecticut and the city of Hartford have.

Without a doubt, a visit to Connecticut can be inspirational and refreshing. It can be an awesome experience for you if you love history and generally exploring the past about some of the earliest states to have joined the USA. In case you did not know, the state of Connecticut is the fifth state to have joined the USA and thus remains one of the most historically important states in the US

Hartford Ancient Burying Ground