City-Wide Open Studios 2017: An Open Door To Artists

The state of Connecticut is a city that is full of life. This is as a result of state’s natural splendour and uniqueness among other reasons. Further, the state is also rich in historical landmarks and is the home of the Old State House whose historical significance extends beyond the boundaries of the state itself. Based on these and other related reasons, the state attracts visitors from all over the world. The visitors are interested experiencing the history, culture and naturally alluring beaches of the state.

But, there is more that the state has to offer. In particular, its events are able to attract scores of tourists from all over the US and even beyond. Today, the state boasts of countless events ranging from festivals, tours to sporting events which pull millions of attendants from across the globe.  

Erector Square Open Studio

The City-Wide Open Studios is one of the many events that the city boasts of. It is hosted on an annual basis and has been able to keep the state alive for many years since its inception. The event has never failed to deliver on its promises ever since it was introduced. This year’s event like several others, will be hosted at the Erector Square in Connecticut’s Fair Haven.


The event whose size equals that of a city features over 350 artists from all over the state of Connecticut and thousands of visitors from all over the world. All the works that are exhibited by artists are exhibited in the studios belonging to the artists or the complex in Fair Haven. The event lasts over multiple weekends during the month of October.

Features Of The Event

The event actually begins during the first weekend of October. During the first few days, attendants are welcomed to the event. The opening ceremony of the event often lasts between 5:00 PM and 8:00 on a Friday. During the 2017 edition, the reception event took place on the 6th of October.


After the introductory event on the first Friday of the month, the event will feature the activities of the Westville Weekend where artists will showcase their art works. The artists in Westville are the ones that will grace the occasion with their art works.

Westville weekend artists

Attendants will be observing closely as they marvel at what the Westville artists will be exhibiting.

This will be followed by another weekend in Armory. The Armory weekend will feature another group of artists from within the state of Connecticut. These artists will be responsible for gracing the occasion with their art works during the course of the weekend.

The next weekend that will follow the Armory weekend will be characterised by artworks from various artists. This time around the artists will come from Greater New Haven and will be displaying their artworks from their private studios.  The event is often called the Private Studios Weekend on this basis.

The last weekend takes place at the premises of the Erector Square in Fair Haven. Many artists take part in the event and showcase their art works of various kinds.

What The Event Means For Artists And The Crowd Of Spectators

What to expect as a spectator

The event means a lot for artists and spectators. In the case of artists, it is a chance for them to showcase their artworks and prove to the rest of the world that they deserve some credit from the fanatics of art. Some artists may also get an opportunity to sell their art works. As for the spectators, they get a chance to gaze upon some of the finest works of art that the state has to offer.


Further, they also have a chance to lay hands on certain art works which they can incorporate into their homes for purposes of enhancing their home décor or simply to expand their shelves of souvenirs.

Based on the information highlighted above, it is clear that the City-Wide open studio is an event worth attending. It is such a phenomenal event with an electrifying vibe that can leave an impression on any attendant’s mind for many years to come.

ChowdaFest 2017: An Opportunity To Experience The Best Of Connecticut Cuisines

The ChowdaFest event is one of the most popular events in the state of Connecticut. Over the years, it has been able to capture the imagination of attendants from all walks of life. The event literally lights up the state of Connecticut and provides the locals with an amazing opportunity to take their food businesses to greater heights.

After ten years of existence, the ChowdaFest event has continued to grow in strength every year. The event for the year 2017 took place towards the end of August. In 2018, the event will take place in September.

Chowdafest 2017 attendees

But, it is quite amazing to be part of the ChowdaFest event. Every year, the event is electrifying and leaves attendants with the desire to attend the event of the year that follows. This event is a must for all individuals who want to experience the state of Connecticut in a whole new but memorable manner. Actually, this applies to both the 2017 and 2018 events. But, why would be a perfect idea to be part of the event, what makes it so attractive that it pulls crowds from all over the US and even beyond?

What Is Event All About?

At this particular point in time, you are obviously wondering what the event is all about. In simple terms, the event is about the cuisines that the state of Connecticut has to offer. This is one event where chefs get a chance to contend with each other. Every year, chefs from all parts of the state gather in one place to compete against each other. They prepare some of their best treats and let the judges decide whose cuisine is the best. This is a very exciting event characterised by fun, intrigue, suspense and above all a great time.

Crab Shell Restaurant, Chowdafest Contestant

The atmosphere where the event is hosted is also electrifying and tantalising leaving the attendants with no choice but a desire to remain glued to the event from its onset to its end. All the chefs that take part in the competition are tough tested and experienced in all respects. They are capable of piecing together some of the most breath-taking meals that you will ever taste. 

Usually, the event has a theme which may run for a single year or a couple of years. Currently, the theme is associated with the fight against hunger.

Winners of the competition are announced a few days or weeks following the event. The 2017 edition of the event was held in Westport Chowdafest and attracted many chefs spectated by a crowd filled with a passion and desire to sample cuisines.

What It Means To Be Part Of The Event

When you are part of the event, you will be actually setting yourself up for a long day characterised by sampling a vast array of mouth-watering meals. The event simply affords attendants a rare opportunity to sample different meals. On the other hand, the chefs work extra hard to satisfy the needs of the crowd in attendance by all means. Thus, the event is associated with a long list of unforgettable meals.

Generally, being part of the event actually means a lot to anyone who wants to have a feel of what the chefs in the state of Connecticut have to offer. This is a rare opportunity for you to sample some of the best cuisines that the state of Connecticut has to offer. The event attracts some of the best chefs in Connecticut. Further, it also showcases some cuisines that certain eateries have to offer as depicted by the meals prepared by the chefs representing the restaurants.

Harvest Wine Bar Westport, Chowdafest runner up

Some restaurants bring their best beverages along with their meals. Attendants are allowed to sample both the beverages and the meals and to provide a specific rating for each. The restaurants with the best beverages win the award in the category associated with beverages.

Get a chance to feel like a judge. When you are part of the event, you will be given a pencil and a paper along with a platform of dishes prepared by the contending chefs. You will be required to sample as many foods as you can and rate them on the scale of 7 to 10.5.