Which Is The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Connecticut And Why?

Connecticut is the one of the states in the USA and the state capital is Hartford. The place is enriched with many picturesque villages and a mystic seaport is also present here. Tourists from as far as Africa visit here to witness the different events. Connecticut can be the best place to visit when these events occur. The weather of the place should also be considered before visiting this place.

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Weather Of Connecticut

Connecticut’s weather prominently matches with New England and New York. The presence of the moderate precipitation is present in the climate of Connecticut all-round the years. In the winter months, concentrated snow is also present. One must therefore try to avoid the winter season to visit the place.

Later spring and summer are other most covenanting seasons when you can visit the place. There are many events which take place during this time and attract many tourists.

Leading events that happen in Connecticut are mentioned below. While visiting the place when the events are going on, one can enjoy the stay effectively.

International Festival Of Arts And Ideas

You can visit Connecticut during June as the International Festival of Arts and Ideas take place. You can witness this event free of cost. For a music and dance enthusiast, June can be the best time to be in Connecticut. The entire city of New Haven is incorporated for the Festival.

Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

The Yale University School of Music organizes the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. This festival delivers the audience with the outstanding music concerts where eminent musicians across the globe perform. The event is going to start this year on 28th June. The festival ends on 17th August. So, this can be another best time to visit Connecticut.

Sea Musical Festival

The Sea Musical Festival takes place at the mystic Seaport. The average footfall of the people reaches up to 5500,000 once annually in Connecticut. The festival this year will start on June 6th and end on June 9th. Some outstanding performers will perform in the festival. You can listen to different types of music.

Workshops are also organized in this festival and demonstrations on various technological usages in music are given. The children can best visit this festival as they can gain a lot of knowledge on music at an early age.

Oyster Festival

If you are a food lover, the best time for you to visit Connecticut is during the Milford Oyster festival. The festival will take place on 17th August this year and it is the 45th time it is happening. You can relish your tastebuds with the sweet taste of the oysters that are harvested during this time.

You can also indulge into the various entertaining activities that will take place for the day. The presence at the Milford Oyster festival in the coastal Connecticut wills surly turn into one of the best memories of your life. If you have interest in knowing about the oysters, this festival can provide you all the facts.

Brooklyn Fair

The Brooklyn Fair will be organized this year in August. The fair will start on 22nd and end on 25th. Agricultural enthusiasts can get some best information on improved farming techniques in the fair.

The country fairs occurring simultaneously with Brooklyn give the country bands to perform their music. The pig races are organized in the Brooklyn festival which is entertaining to the children.

All the events generally take place during the months of June, July and August. Thus, it is the best time when you can visit Connecticut.

Upcoming Events In Connecticut

Residing within or surrounding areas of Connecticut exposes residents with great events for them to unwind after long periods of work.

Events held in this New England region are worldly recognized and attended by people from as far as Africa.

This region is therefore a tourist destination with so much to offer guests. Whether you are looking to create memories at Connecticut, upcoming events prepared every year will give you something to take back home. Some of the upcoming events in Connecticut include:

Cyber Premiere of Cumming Girls

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International Festival Arts & Ideas

For all fun lovers yearning to be part of live events at no costs, Connecticut has organized an International Festival of Arts & Ideas located throughout New Haven to give all and sundry a collection of dances and music to entertain you.

 It has also organized engaging speakers looking to inform and educate people on various aspects affecting global economy today.  This year, this event is to be held as from June 9th, 2018 up to 23rd June.

Sea Musical Festival

The mystic Seaport holds more than 550,000 people every once a year to listen to awesome performers that leave them yearning for more. This event covers all kinds of music from contemporary ones to the latest kinds of songs.

This festival also facilitates workshops that are used to demonstrate different techniques used in Technology today. Kids also get entertained through performances prepared for their gain at tender age.

Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

This festival is organized by the Yale University School of music.

This festival invites artists from all over the world to help audiences get a taste of what real music is all about.

A series of events are organized to keep people entertained during Norfolk Musical Festival.

Craft Expo

Artisans from all over the world are brought together at the Craft Expo to give people a taste of what history feels like. Here, people are able to get a sense of identity through art displayed on paintings and photography.

All kinds of mediums are represented here including ceramics, glass, leather and metal. This event appeals to wine lovers as they enjoy food courts while families get entertained through family art.

Mystic Outdoor Art Festival

Residents from New England gather for the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival to have a glimpse of internationally recognized artists. Arts and craft is greatly appreciated through this event which it displays through oils, water colors sculptures and woodwork.

Bring your children to this event for them to enjoy Art Park and great foods prepared by natives from all over the world. This is a great chance for them to integrate with youngsters from other nations and learn new different cultures.

Oyster Festival

Good food appeals to everyone’s taste buds. This festival is a great opportunity for people to get exposure in sea foods that are not common in most places. The Seafood bash held during this festival has contributed to growth of events such as the Oyster Slurping Contest.

This festival also provides a wide range of live music and entertainment by presenters such as Paul Bunyan. Such events provide educational information on the history of oysters and artefacts.

Brooklyn Fair

This summer event is helpful for agriculturists who want to learn more on technological strategies they can use to improve productivity in farming.

Country fairs are also available during this event.

They do it to entertain people through contests like pig races for young kids as adults learn more about livestock keeping.

Jazz Festival

For all Jazz lovers, Connecticut has made it possible for them to enjoy great talent in Jazz.

This event holds one of the best live performances of Jazz to draw more people for instance by paying artists like Diana Krall to perform live to Jazz lovers.

Top Historical Tours In Connecticut

Every year, the state of Connecticut hosts a crowd of visitors from all over the US. It does so on the basis of its many beaches and a tantalising weather pattern coupled with a naturally alluring environment.

But, there is more that the state has to offer. It is also a very rich historic state featuring a long list of historic sites. Today, it remains one of the most thriving tourist destinations in the US on this basis. It features museums, grave sites, old buildings and even festivals which pull crowds of enthusiasts from all over the world.

If you have prospects of going for a tour to the US, you can do well to take advantage of the historical tours in Connecticut. These tours will afford you an opportunity to experience the history of the state in a spectacular manner. You will always live to recall the experience that the Connecticut historical tours have to offer. Here is a look at some of the top irresistible historical tours that the state of Connecticut boasts of.

A Everett Austin Jr House

The building may not actually be very special but it is its architectural design that distinguishes it from other buildings. It was designated the status of national historic landmark in, in April 19thof 1994 and is located in the city of Hartford.

Henry Bernard House

Henry Bernard House

The building was designated the status of being a national historic landmark, five years after the same status was granted to the Old State House of Connecticut. Its designation date is the 21st of December, 1965.

Tower On Fox Hill

Tower On Fox Hill

The town of Vernon was at the centre of some of the fiercest battles involving many veterans from the town and neighbouring areas the structure was erected between 1937 and 1939 in a bid to mark the memorial site of the fallen heroes.

The Richard Alsop IV House

The Richard Alsop IV House

The building has a unique design and was brought to life as the 1830s drew to a close. Today, it has continued to be an important historical landmark of the state based on its distinctive architecture which has been greatly influenced by the Greek-Italianate design and construction style.

In 2009 on the 16th of January, the building earned its status as a national historical landmark.

The building’s location is also spectacular. It is located in Middlesex and is currently in the hands of Wesleyan University.

The Old State House In Connecticut

Connecticut Old State House

This used to be the first State Capitol of the State of Connecticut. Currently, it is actually one of the most significant tourist sites in Connecticut. It features a vast array range of important departments.

Birdcraft Sanctuary

Connecticut bird sanctuary

In 1993 on the 19th of April, the sanctuary became recognised as of a national historic landmark of the state and the US as a whole. It remains one of Fairfield’s most notable and the oldest Bird sanctuary in all of the United States of America. The sanctuary is also understood to have given birth to the term “Birdscaping”.

Bush Holley House

It became America’s historic landmark on the 5th of October in 1992. The building is located in Connecticut’s Windham area and is generally referred to as a summer cottage of Gothic revival. Following its declaration as a national historic landmark of the state and the US, it has received visits from at least three sitting US presidents.

There is absolutely nothing more exciting than these historical tours which the state of Connecticut has to offer. You should look out for one or more of these tours if you want to maximise your level of satisfaction in as far as going for historical tours is concerned.

Not only are they worth going for, but they also offer what most other historical tours are not able to offer.

Historical Significance Of The Connecticut Old State House

The Connecticut Old State House is an important building in the state of Connecticut.

Its mention often inspires reverence and intrigue among the residents of the city of Hartford and those who have simply heard about the building. This is not surprising considering that the building has been around for a good number of years. Its completion came as far back as 1796. Today, the building celebrates more than 220 years of existence. Even though it has not been in operation for all these years, it has still managed to remain upstanding for more than two centuries, a feat it shares with very few buildings in Connecticut and whole of the United States of America.

The building is important to the state of Connecticut and to the US as a whole for a number of reasons.

However, its main importance stems from the fact that it is a historical landmark of the country with recognition from all over the world. Here is some information which clearly explains why the building is historically significant to Connecticut and the US as a whole.

The Old State House As The Birth Of Democracy In Hartford

This is perhaps one of the most significant reasons why the Old State House is very important to the state of Connecticut as a whole. According to the history of the building,  the meetings which led to the establishment of a democratic state were hosted in the building. Based on this, it is safe to say that the democracy of the state was actually born in the building’s premises. The surrounding communities of the Old State House are actually intrigued by the fact that the building is a reminder of how democracy was birthed in the state of Connecticut.

Actually, the Old State House is the building which hosted a meeting in which it was declared that the state of Connecticut is to be part of the United States of America. In 1788, the state of Connecticut joined the United States of America and became the fifth state to do so.

It Is A National Historic Landmark As Declared In 1960

Old State House in Connecticut

This is one of the major reasons why the Old State House is held in high esteem up to this date. With this status, the old building simply placed the state of Connecticut on a unique platform in as far as history is concerned. Thanks to this status, the building and the state of Connecticut has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the US. Today, the building attracts scores of visitors from all corners of the US and even beyond.

The First Public Art Museum

Old State House as an Art Museum

The Old State House is actually the earliest building to have hosted the public art museum. It is the only building to have had an art museum which was open to the general members of the public of Connecticut. What is interesting to note is the fact that the museum has been upgraded to modern standards. There other reasons why the building is historically important.

Other Reasons That Make The Building Historically Significant


These include the fact that it hosted the first public library, the first newspaper and remains the home of the farmers’ market.

This is the home of the state’s first public library, as depicted by the building’s historical files. There is also evidence that the building was also the first to have hosted the first newspaper according to historical files pertaining to the building. The Farmers’ market which is still celebrated up to this date despite having been established in 1648 more than a century before the building was built.

City-Wide Open Studios 2017: An Open Door To Artists

The state of Connecticut is a city that is full of life. This is as a result of state’s natural splendour and uniqueness among other reasons. Further, the state is also rich in historical landmarks and is the home of the Old State House whose historical significance extends beyond the boundaries of the state itself. Based on these and other related reasons, the state attracts visitors from all over the world. The visitors are interested experiencing the history, culture and naturally alluring beaches of the state.

But, there is more that the state has to offer. In particular, its events are able to attract scores of tourists from all over the US and even beyond. Today, the state boasts of countless events ranging from festivals, tours to sporting events which pull millions of attendants from across the globe.  

Erector Square Open Studio

The City-Wide Open Studios is one of the many events that the city boasts of. It is hosted on an annual basis and has been able to keep the state alive for many years since its inception. The event has never failed to deliver on its promises ever since it was introduced. This year’s event like several others, will be hosted at the Erector Square in Connecticut’s Fair Haven.


The event whose size equals that of a city features over 350 artists from all over the state of Connecticut and thousands of visitors from all over the world. All the works that are exhibited by artists are exhibited in the studios belonging to the artists or the complex in Fair Haven. The event lasts over multiple weekends during the month of October.

Features Of The Event

The event actually begins during the first weekend of October. During the first few days, attendants are welcomed to the event. The opening ceremony of the event often lasts between 5:00 PM and 8:00 on a Friday. During the 2017 edition, the reception event took place on the 6th of October.


After the introductory event on the first Friday of the month, the event will feature the activities of the Westville Weekend where artists will showcase their art works. The artists in Westville are the ones that will grace the occasion with their art works.

Westville weekend artists

Attendants will be observing closely as they marvel at what the Westville artists will be exhibiting.

This will be followed by another weekend in Armory. The Armory weekend will feature another group of artists from within the state of Connecticut. These artists will be responsible for gracing the occasion with their art works during the course of the weekend.

The next weekend that will follow the Armory weekend will be characterised by artworks from various artists. This time around the artists will come from Greater New Haven and will be displaying their artworks from their private studios.  The event is often called the Private Studios Weekend on this basis.

The last weekend takes place at the premises of the Erector Square in Fair Haven. Many artists take part in the event and showcase their art works of various kinds.

What The Event Means For Artists And The Crowd Of Spectators

What to expect as a spectator

The event means a lot for artists and spectators. In the case of artists, it is a chance for them to showcase their artworks and prove to the rest of the world that they deserve some credit from the fanatics of art. Some artists may also get an opportunity to sell their art works. As for the spectators, they get a chance to gaze upon some of the finest works of art that the state has to offer.


Further, they also have a chance to lay hands on certain art works which they can incorporate into their homes for purposes of enhancing their home décor or simply to expand their shelves of souvenirs.

Based on the information highlighted above, it is clear that the City-Wide open studio is an event worth attending. It is such a phenomenal event with an electrifying vibe that can leave an impression on any attendant’s mind for many years to come.

ChowdaFest 2017: An Opportunity To Experience The Best Of Connecticut Cuisines

The ChowdaFest event is one of the most popular events in the state of Connecticut. Over the years, it has been able to capture the imagination of attendants from all walks of life. The event literally lights up the state of Connecticut and provides the locals with an amazing opportunity to take their food businesses to greater heights.

After ten years of existence, the ChowdaFest event has continued to grow in strength every year. The event for the year 2017 took place towards the end of August. In 2018, the event will take place in September.

Chowdafest 2017 attendees

But, it is quite amazing to be part of the ChowdaFest event. Every year, the event is electrifying and leaves attendants with the desire to attend the event of the year that follows. This event is a must for all individuals who want to experience the state of Connecticut in a whole new but memorable manner. Actually, this applies to both the 2017 and 2018 events. But, why would be a perfect idea to be part of the event, what makes it so attractive that it pulls crowds from all over the US and even beyond?

What Is Event All About?

At this particular point in time, you are obviously wondering what the event is all about. In simple terms, the event is about the cuisines that the state of Connecticut has to offer. This is one event where chefs get a chance to contend with each other. Every year, chefs from all parts of the state gather in one place to compete against each other. They prepare some of their best treats and let the judges decide whose cuisine is the best. This is a very exciting event characterised by fun, intrigue, suspense and above all a great time.

Crab Shell Restaurant, Chowdafest Contestant

The atmosphere where the event is hosted is also electrifying and tantalising leaving the attendants with no choice but a desire to remain glued to the event from its onset to its end. All the chefs that take part in the competition are tough tested and experienced in all respects. They are capable of piecing together some of the most breath-taking meals that you will ever taste. 

Usually, the event has a theme which may run for a single year or a couple of years. Currently, the theme is associated with the fight against hunger.

Winners of the competition are announced a few days or weeks following the event. The 2017 edition of the event was held in Westport Chowdafest and attracted many chefs spectated by a crowd filled with a passion and desire to sample cuisines.

What It Means To Be Part Of The Event

When you are part of the event, you will be actually setting yourself up for a long day characterised by sampling a vast array of mouth-watering meals. The event simply affords attendants a rare opportunity to sample different meals. On the other hand, the chefs work extra hard to satisfy the needs of the crowd in attendance by all means. Thus, the event is associated with a long list of unforgettable meals.

Generally, being part of the event actually means a lot to anyone who wants to have a feel of what the chefs in the state of Connecticut have to offer. This is a rare opportunity for you to sample some of the best cuisines that the state of Connecticut has to offer. The event attracts some of the best chefs in Connecticut. Further, it also showcases some cuisines that certain eateries have to offer as depicted by the meals prepared by the chefs representing the restaurants.

Harvest Wine Bar Westport, Chowdafest runner up

Some restaurants bring their best beverages along with their meals. Attendants are allowed to sample both the beverages and the meals and to provide a specific rating for each. The restaurants with the best beverages win the award in the category associated with beverages.

Get a chance to feel like a judge. When you are part of the event, you will be given a pencil and a paper along with a platform of dishes prepared by the contending chefs. You will be required to sample as many foods as you can and rate them on the scale of 7 to 10.5.

Historical Monuments In Connecticut

Connecticut is a place where history is alive. The state is rich in history and natural beauty coupled with a warm and captivating culture. In addition to all this, the state is the home of some of the most significant historical landmarks in the US as a whole along with very beautiful beaches. These attributes together make the state one of the most pivotal historical regions in the US.

The state is also one of the most thriving tourist destinations across the entire US.

In general, it is the state’s vast array of historical monuments that make it one of the most notable tourist destinations in the world. This is the place to visit if you want exposure to some of the most mind capturing historical sites on the planet. Suppose you have prospects of visiting the state on one of your holiday tours and you are wondering what kind of historical landmarks Connecticut features, you can do well to follow the information below.

The Old State House In Connecticut

Old State House in Connecticut

Known as one of the most prolific National Historical Landmarks of the United States, the Old State House is an unmistakable historical monument of great significance. The house initially served as Connecticut State Capitol before it lost the status to another hall.

Tower On Fox Hill

The tower on fox hill, Connecticut

The structure was erected between 1937 and 1939 in a bid to mark the memorial site of the fallen heroes of the town of Vernon. 

The Richard Alsop IV House

The Richard Alsop IV House

This uniquely designed house was erected towards the end of the 1830s. The reason why it has continued to be an important historical landmark of the state is its distinctive architecture which is owed to the Greek-Italianate style of design and construction. It earned its status as a national historical landmark in 2009 on the 16th of January.

The building is situated in Middlesex and currently belongs to Wesleyan University.

Henry Bernard House

Henry Bernard House

The building was designated the status of being a national historic landmark on the 21st of December in 1965. It is one of the oldest buildings in Hartford to have earned such a status.

A Everett Austin Jr House

A. Everett Austin Jr. House

This is another building whose architectural design sets it apart from other buildings in the state. The building was designated the status of national historic landmark in 1994, on the 19th of April. It is located in Hartford.

Birdcraft Sanctuary

Birdcraft Sanctuary, Connecticut

the sanctuary had been granted the honour of being called a national historic landmark in 1993 on the 19th of April. It is situated in Fairfield and is actually the oldest Bird sanctuary in all of the United States of America. This is the sanctuary which gave birth to the term “Birdscaping” as coined by Mabel Osgood Wright who was inspired by the distinctive attributes of the sanctuary.

Bush Holley House

Bush Holley House, Connecticut

It was awarded the status of being America’s historic landmark on the 5th of October in 1992. The building is located in Windham. It is generally referred to as a summer cottage of Gothic revival. Since it was declared a national historic landmark of the state and the US, the monument has been visited by at least three US presidents.

Ancient Burying Ground

Ancient Burying Ground, Connecticut

This is perhaps Hartford’s oldest historical monument. It is also the final resting place of a lion share of America’s earliest settlers.

The monument features gravestones whose marking dates are as early as 1648.

It is also one of the most unique burial sites in the United States. What is interesting to note about the burial ground is the fact that it hosts a wide range of individuals from all backgrounds. This is mainly because it is used to be a burial site for the earliest settlers of Hartford and little regard was given to social status and historical background.

These are the major historical landmarks that the state of Connecticut boasts of. However, none of these sites are recognised by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Each of the monuments indicated above are recognised nationally and internationally even though they are yet to gain recognition from UNESCO. Since some Connecticut historical landmarks have lost their initial statuses as nationally recognised historical landmarks, they have not been included on the list above.

How Connecticut’s Old State House Compares To Boston’s Old State House In Age And Architecture

Both the Old State House in Connecticut and the Old State House in Boston are important buildings sharing historical significance and fame across the entire US. Each of them has had a commanding impact on the communities that surround them. Further, they are both notable former state houses known to have been built during the earliest days of the country’s democracy. These attributes actually unite the two buildings in as far as national and even global recognition are concerned. But, they are associated with some differences that are worth pointing out.

Generally, a close comparison of the two important historical buildings of the state would be interesting.

Here is a look at how the two buildings compare with each other especially in as far as age and architecture are concerned.

Architectural Attributes

Here is a look at how the two buildings compare with each other in as far as the architectural design is concerned. Each of the buildings has certain unique architectural attributes which separate them from each other. This is despite the many similarities that exist between them.

The Old State House In Connecticut


Believed To Be One Of Bulfinch’s Designs

In as far as the architectural design is concerned, it is still unknown who was behind the design of the Old State House of Connecticut.

However, experts believe that the famous American architect Bulfinch was actually behind the design of the state house. This assumption followed the fact that he had been behind the Town Hall in Liverpool which is similar in appearance and design style to the old state house.

Similar To Liverpool’s Town Hall In England

Liverpool townhall, England

As alluded to earlier, the Old State House in Connecticut is actually very close in resemblance to the Town Hall in Liverpool. It is on this basis that it differs from the Boston Old State House whose close resemblance is associated with other buildings.

Multiple Modifications Over Time

Over the years, the Old State House in Connecticut has undergone a number of modifications in a bid to make it useful and to perpetuate its elegance. This applies to both the interior and the exterior of the building. Generally, the modifications that the building has undergone have caused its initial architectural design to be distorted a bit. Even though the current building closely resembles the original building, it is still easy to notice that major modifications have been made to the building.

For example, the balustrade and cupola were only added in the 1800s, while a stair case which had been present from the point the building was commissioned no longer exists. All these changes together account for the significant drift from the initial architectural design of the building. 

The Old State House In Boston

Believed To Have Been Designed By Robert Twelves

Unlike the Old State House of Connecticut, the Old State House of Boston is believed to have been designed by Robert Twelves. According to the history of the building, there is some compelling evidence to justify this.

Lion And Unicorn, As Symbols Of Being A British Colony

The Connecticut Old State House actually featured few or no elements which are close in resemblance to the Lion and Unicorn found on Boston State House. But, they both feature wall clocks, even though the Connecticut State House also has a distinctive dome and bell long with a statue of Justice.

The Two Buildings Compared On The Basis Of Age

Another interesting comparison that exists between the two is on the basis of their ages or simply on the basis of when they were built and commissioned.

The Old State House in Connecticut; the Connecticut Old State House was built earlier than 1796, although this is the year when it was commissioned to be used by the state. Construction of the house had begun much earlier than 1790. History has it that the building was originally built in 1792, even though it was only completed in 1798.

The Old State House In Boston

The Old State House in Boston was also built around the same time that the Connecticut Old State House was built. However, it was built nearly 80 years earlier. Despite being declared National historic landmarks in the same year, the two buildings are actually close to a century apart in as far as age is concerned.   

Boston’s old state house

Without a doubt, these two nationally recognised buildings compare with each other quite closely. If you have heard about one of them, you may have been eager to learn about the other. Whether any of them beats the other in as far as age and architecture is concerned depends on your personal judgment as indicated in the passage.


The Impact Of Reopening Of The Old State House

The Old State House of Connecticut may be associated with a number of daunting past events.

But, it is an important building whose value needs little introduction. In the past, the building has been closed before due to certain events. Mostly, it was closed for purposes of facilitating the refurbishment of its structural and architectural elements.

Abandoned State House, Connecticut

Notably, it was abandoned in 1915 during which it was no longer housing the National or city government. Rather, it was only used as a community centre and a station for public comfort. It would take five years before the building could be restored back to life. This was after the firm belonging to Smith and Bassette called for the restoration of the building. A year after the firm presented a request to restore the building, restoration works began, after two years of dormancy.




Since its restoration in 1920 and subsequent reopening in 1921, the building has suffered several other setbacks. For example, its maintenance program came to a halt in 1975. This was despite the building having earned itself a status of National Historic Landmark in 1960. But, the building is currently in perfect shape mainly serving as a tourist site. The impacts of reopening the Old State House on the community of Connecticut have been quite significant. Here is a closer look at some of the major impacts that the reopening of the Old State House has had on the community of Connecticut.

Enhancing The Overall Beauty Of The City Of Hartford

Imagine living in a city with a building that is more than 200 years old and is in one of the prime locations of the city. Also imagine that the building is not in perfect shape because it has not been maintained or given any facelifts over the past two centuries or so. Undoubtedly, such a building would compromise the beauty of a city. The Old State House of Connecticut has been around for more than 200 years and is still present within the boundaries of the city of Hartford. What is interesting to note is the fact that the building is found in one of the city’s most prime locations. This in itself would be detrimental to the beauty of the city if the building were not reopened or at least refurbished.

Raising The Image Of The State


When a state is home to a building with as many accolades as the Old State House, it will certainly be placed on the US map. In the case of Hartford, it is currently on the global map based on the presence of the Old State House. Without any doubt, the reopening of the facility has helped to raise the image of the city of Hartford and the state as a whole.



Boosting The State’s Tourism Potential

Over the years, the building has served as an important reminder of the birth of democracy in the state. It is the centre of the city’s past, present and future. Further, the building was in 1960 named as one of the historical landmarks of Connecticut. With such accolades, the building certainly deserves to be in operation. Provided the building remains open, it can serve as a perfect spot for tourists from all parts of the US and even beyond. As an unmistakable historical landmark of the state of Connecticut  and the US as a whole, the building itself is able to attract tourists to the state. This is good for the state and the US as a whole in as far as boosting tourism is concerned.

The tower on fox hill, Connecticut

Making The Building Useful Again

Keeping the building dormant is certainly not good for the community of Hartford. A building that is not in use may compromise the beauty of the city.

Further, it may be used for a number of illegal activities ranging from planning criminal activities to selling drugs or even child trafficking. Making sure that the building remains suitable for use can be one way to prevent this from happening.

Based on the information indicated above, is clear that the reopening of the Old State House certainly had a number of positive impacts on the state as a whole and the city in which the building is located. Even though some impacts are actually negative, most of the outcomes of reopening the facility are actually good for the state as a whole and the city of Hartford.