Connecticut Old State House has continued to be one of the most notable historical landmarks of the state of Connecticut and the US as a whole. This significance that it has earned over the years accounts for its fame and the government’s continued desire to keep it intact at all times.

We acknowledge the significance of the building and have thus taken time to gather as much information about the Old State House as possible.

Our website is home to all the information that anyone would need about the Old State House including its history and current status. Some of the major highlights about what you can find on the website are indicated below.

The Old State House Is Not A World Heritage Site

From our website, you can easily find out whether the Old State House is recognised as a World Heritage site or not. The truth is that the Old State House in Connecticut may be a very famous building and an unmistakable national historical landmark. But, it is not a World Heritage Site. The UNHCR has not yet shown any interest in making a declaration of such a magnitude. Even though a number of proposals calling for the same have been brought on board, little has been done to bring the idea behind the proposals to fruition.

The Building Is Over 220 Years Old

From our website you can also learn about The Old State House of Hartford, Connecticut had in Hartford was birthed democracy and how old it is.

Even though the building appears to be neat in appearance and perhaps more alluring than some of the most recent buildings, it is actually over two centuries old. Having been built in 1796, the building is actually 221 years old. 

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The Chowdafest event is one of the most amazing events in the state of Connecticut. It boasts of some of the best chefs from all over Connecticut who gather to give the crowd of attendants mouth-watering meals.

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The Historic Monuments Of The State Of Connecticut

There is more that you can learn from our website. Aside from the history of the Old State house, you will also have a chance to learn more about the various historical monuments including those that have earned themselves the status of National Historic Landmarks that the state boasts of. You will learn information such as the dates when the monuments became designated as national historic landmarks, their locations and the years when they were built.

Other Major Events In Connecticut

Every year, the state of Connecticut hosts a vast array of events. Our website keeps track such events and provides information about them. You can find out about events such as the City Wide Open arts and the Dancesport Championships.