Top Historical Tours In Connecticut

Every year, the state of Connecticut hosts a crowd of visitors from all over the US. It does so on the basis of its many beaches and a tantalising weather pattern coupled with a naturally alluring environment.

But, there is more that the state has to offer. It is also a very rich historic state featuring a long list of historic sites. Today, it remains one of the most thriving tourist destinations in the US on this basis. It features museums, grave sites, old buildings and even festivals which pull crowds of enthusiasts from all over the world.

If you have prospects of going for a tour to the US, you can do well to take advantage of the historical tours in Connecticut. These tours will afford you an opportunity to experience the history of the state in a spectacular manner. You will always live to recall the experience that the Connecticut historical tours have to offer. Here is a look at some of the top irresistible historical tours that the state of Connecticut boasts of.

A Everett Austin Jr House

The building may not actually be very special but it is its architectural design that distinguishes it from other buildings. It was designated the status of national historic landmark in, in April 19thof 1994 and is located in the city of Hartford.

Henry Bernard House

Henry Bernard House

The building was designated the status of being a national historic landmark, five years after the same status was granted to the Old State House of Connecticut. Its designation date is the 21st of December, 1965.

Tower On Fox Hill

Tower On Fox Hill

The town of Vernon was at the centre of some of the fiercest battles involving many veterans from the town and neighbouring areas the structure was erected between 1937 and 1939 in a bid to mark the memorial site of the fallen heroes.

The Richard Alsop IV House

The Richard Alsop IV House

The building has a unique design and was brought to life as the 1830s drew to a close. Today, it has continued to be an important historical landmark of the state based on its distinctive architecture which has been greatly influenced by the Greek-Italianate design and construction style.

In 2009 on the 16th of January, the building earned its status as a national historical landmark.

The building’s location is also spectacular. It is located in Middlesex and is currently in the hands of Wesleyan University.

The Old State House In Connecticut

Connecticut Old State House

This used to be the first State Capitol of the State of Connecticut. Currently, it is actually one of the most significant tourist sites in Connecticut. It features a vast array range of important departments.

Birdcraft Sanctuary

Connecticut bird sanctuary

In 1993 on the 19th of April, the sanctuary became recognised as of a national historic landmark of the state and the US as a whole. It remains one of Fairfield’s most notable and the oldest Bird sanctuary in all of the United States of America. The sanctuary is also understood to have given birth to the term “Birdscaping”.

Bush Holley House

It became America’s historic landmark on the 5th of October in 1992. The building is located in Connecticut’s Windham area and is generally referred to as a summer cottage of Gothic revival. Following its declaration as a national historic landmark of the state and the US, it has received visits from at least three sitting US presidents.

There is absolutely nothing more exciting than these historical tours which the state of Connecticut has to offer. You should look out for one or more of these tours if you want to maximise your level of satisfaction in as far as going for historical tours is concerned.

Not only are they worth going for, but they also offer what most other historical tours are not able to offer.


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