City-Wide Open Studios 2017: An Open Door To Artists

The state of Connecticut is a city that is full of life. This is as a result of state’s natural splendour and uniqueness among other reasons. Further, the state is also rich in historical landmarks and is the home of the Old State House whose historical significance extends beyond the boundaries of the state itself. Based on these and other related reasons, the state attracts visitors from all over the world. The visitors are interested experiencing the history, culture and naturally alluring beaches of the state.

But, there is more that the state has to offer. In particular, its events are able to attract scores of tourists from all over the US and even beyond. Today, the state boasts of countless events ranging from festivals, tours to sporting events which pull millions of attendants from across the globe.  

Erector Square Open Studio

The City-Wide Open Studios is one of the many events that the city boasts of. It is hosted on an annual basis and has been able to keep the state alive for many years since its inception. The event has never failed to deliver on its promises ever since it was introduced. This year’s event like several others, will be hosted at the Erector Square in Connecticut’s Fair Haven.


The event whose size equals that of a city features over 350 artists from all over the state of Connecticut and thousands of visitors from all over the world. All the works that are exhibited by artists are exhibited in the studios belonging to the artists or the complex in Fair Haven. The event lasts over multiple weekends during the month of October.

Features Of The Event

The event actually begins during the first weekend of October. During the first few days, attendants are welcomed to the event. The opening ceremony of the event often lasts between 5:00 PM and 8:00 on a Friday. During the 2017 edition, the reception event took place on the 6th of October.


After the introductory event on the first Friday of the month, the event will feature the activities of the Westville Weekend where artists will showcase their art works. The artists in Westville are the ones that will grace the occasion with their art works.

Westville weekend artists

Attendants will be observing closely as they marvel at what the Westville artists will be exhibiting.

This will be followed by another weekend in Armory. The Armory weekend will feature another group of artists from within the state of Connecticut. These artists will be responsible for gracing the occasion with their art works during the course of the weekend.

The next weekend that will follow the Armory weekend will be characterised by artworks from various artists. This time around the artists will come from Greater New Haven and will be displaying their artworks from their private studios.  The event is often called the Private Studios Weekend on this basis.

The last weekend takes place at the premises of the Erector Square in Fair Haven. Many artists take part in the event and showcase their art works of various kinds.

What The Event Means For Artists And The Crowd Of Spectators

What to expect as a spectator

The event means a lot for artists and spectators. In the case of artists, it is a chance for them to showcase their artworks and prove to the rest of the world that they deserve some credit from the fanatics of art. Some artists may also get an opportunity to sell their art works. As for the spectators, they get a chance to gaze upon some of the finest works of art that the state has to offer.


Further, they also have a chance to lay hands on certain art works which they can incorporate into their homes for purposes of enhancing their home décor or simply to expand their shelves of souvenirs.

Based on the information highlighted above, it is clear that the City-Wide open studio is an event worth attending. It is such a phenomenal event with an electrifying vibe that can leave an impression on any attendant’s mind for many years to come.


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