The Impact Of Reopening Of The Old State House

The Old State House of Connecticut may be associated with a number of daunting past events.

But, it is an important building whose value needs little introduction. In the past, the building has been closed before due to certain events. Mostly, it was closed for purposes of facilitating the refurbishment of its structural and architectural elements.

Abandoned State House, Connecticut

Notably, it was abandoned in 1915 during which it was no longer housing the National or city government. Rather, it was only used as a community centre and a station for public comfort. It would take five years before the building could be restored back to life. This was after the firm belonging to Smith and Bassette called for the restoration of the building. A year after the firm presented a request to restore the building, restoration works began, after two years of dormancy.




Since its restoration in 1920 and subsequent reopening in 1921, the building has suffered several other setbacks. For example, its maintenance program came to a halt in 1975. This was despite the building having earned itself a status of National Historic Landmark in 1960. But, the building is currently in perfect shape mainly serving as a tourist site. The impacts of reopening the Old State House on the community of Connecticut have been quite significant. Here is a closer look at some of the major impacts that the reopening of the Old State House has had on the community of Connecticut.

Enhancing The Overall Beauty Of The City Of Hartford

Imagine living in a city with a building that is more than 200 years old and is in one of the prime locations of the city. Also imagine that the building is not in perfect shape because it has not been maintained or given any facelifts over the past two centuries or so. Undoubtedly, such a building would compromise the beauty of a city. The Old State House of Connecticut has been around for more than 200 years and is still present within the boundaries of the city of Hartford. What is interesting to note is the fact that the building is found in one of the city’s most prime locations. This in itself would be detrimental to the beauty of the city if the building were not reopened or at least refurbished.

Raising The Image Of The State


When a state is home to a building with as many accolades as the Old State House, it will certainly be placed on the US map. In the case of Hartford, it is currently on the global map based on the presence of the Old State House. Without any doubt, the reopening of the facility has helped to raise the image of the city of Hartford and the state as a whole.



Boosting The State’s Tourism Potential

Over the years, the building has served as an important reminder of the birth of democracy in the state. It is the centre of the city’s past, present and future. Further, the building was in 1960 named as one of the historical landmarks of Connecticut. With such accolades, the building certainly deserves to be in operation. Provided the building remains open, it can serve as a perfect spot for tourists from all parts of the US and even beyond. As an unmistakable historical landmark of the state of Connecticut  and the US as a whole, the building itself is able to attract tourists to the state. This is good for the state and the US as a whole in as far as boosting tourism is concerned.

The tower on fox hill, Connecticut

Making The Building Useful Again

Keeping the building dormant is certainly not good for the community of Hartford. A building that is not in use may compromise the beauty of the city.

Further, it may be used for a number of illegal activities ranging from planning criminal activities to selling drugs or even child trafficking. Making sure that the building remains suitable for use can be one way to prevent this from happening.

Based on the information indicated above, is clear that the reopening of the Old State House certainly had a number of positive impacts on the state as a whole and the city in which the building is located. Even though some impacts are actually negative, most of the outcomes of reopening the facility are actually good for the state as a whole and the city of Hartford.


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